Bolivia: Second Stage of Election Registration

La Paz, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) The biometric registration for December”s election will begin in the capital cities of nine Bolivian departments on Saturday, according to the National Electoral Court (CNE).

  Court member Roxana Ibarnegaray said the registration in those cities will be “decisive and important”, as 70 percent of the country’s populations resides in those regions.

The modern electoral register, which includes fingerprints, photo and signature of nearly four million Bolivians, will begin in this city, after Vice President Alvaro Garcia registers.

The speaker of the Senate, opposition lawmaker Oscar Ortiz, and the chair of the Departmental Electoral Court, Orlando Parada, will register in Santa Cruz. The chairman of the House of Deputies, Edmundo Novillo, is expected to register in Cochabamba, according to the CNE

The unprecedented digital registration began on August 1 and must conclude on October 15, according to the timetable.

More than 200,000 Bolivian citizens living in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Spain will also register for the elections on December 6, when the president and the vice president of the country, and the members of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (the name of the Congress as of 2010), will be elected.

On that day, voters will also decide on the autonomic status of La Paz, Oruro, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca, Potosi and Gran Chaco.


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