Bolivia Calls Electoral Court to a Meeting

La Paz, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales called the National Electoral Court (CNE) members to a meeting the upcoming weekend to assess the biometric electoral registration process, prior to the elections in December.

  In a press conference at the Quemado Palace, the head of State recognized the good pace achieved by that electoral authority and its departmental offices in recent days to register voters, but warned that the quickness imposed by the task is still not enough to accomplish it.

The meeting of Sunday at the CNE premises will be focused on assessment, the president said.

The government expects that around four million Bolivians in the voting age have registered by October 15, the deadline for the new process of registration, which includes fingerprints, signature and photograph.

Morales considered that in case of not reaching the estimated figure by the mentioned deadline, they would be able to present a bill before Congress to use the current register (manual) for those that can not be registered digitally.

“In the meeting with the CNE, I want to present several denounces I have received from some regions in the country,” said the president.

He said the proposal of using both registration systems will depend on the results of that meeting.

The biometric registration process began on August 1 in rural areas of the country and it started in departmental capitals and intermediate cities 15 days later.

That list will be a guide for the elections on December 6, when Bolivians go to the polls to elect the country’s president and vice president, as well as the members of the Multi-national Legislative Assembly, the name that Congress will adopt in 2010.


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