Bolivia takes measures for ozone layer protection

Bolivia suspended the consumption of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which is mainly responsible for ozone depletion, to protect the ozone layer, local press said on Monday.

According to local press, Bolivian Environment, Bio-diversity and Climate Changes Vice Minister Juan Pablo Ramos said that the measure was taken as part of the Montreal Protocol, which prohibits the production and usage of the CFC.

The CFC is derivative from saturated hydrocarbons obtained by the replacement of hydrogen atoms by fluorine or chlorine atoms.

The ozone layer prevents most harmful UVB wavelengths of ultraviolet light (UV light) from passing through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The catalytic destruction of the ozone is due to the atomic chlorine and bromine, and the main source of these halogen atoms in the stratosphere is the CFC compounds, as well as the bromofluoro carbon compounds known as halons. These compounds are transported into the stratosphere after being emitted at the surface.

It is suspected that a variety of biological consequences such as the increases in cases of skin cancer, damage to plants, and reduction of plankton populations in the ocean’s photic zone are resulted from the increased UV exposure due to ozone depletion.


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