Bolivia Zero Malnutrition Program Extolled

La Paz, Aug 26 (Prensa Latina) The Andean Subregional Committee for Children’s Malnutrition Eradication, the sessions of which are concluding on Wednesday in this capital, highlighted the Zero Malnutrition program implemented by the Bolivian government.

Health authorities from Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia analyzed the impact on health and food of the current financial, economic, food and environmental situation.

Bolivia’s plan to fight malnutrition is expected to be implemented in the Andean countries, according to each State’s special feature.

Zero Malnutrition is a five-year plan. Its objective is to eradicate that scourge in Bolivia.

The Pan-American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, and the World Bank are supporting this program.

More than 350,000 children under five years of age have suffered from chronic malnutrition. This process starts in many cases during pregnancy, Health Minister Ramiro Tapia stated.

The plan fosters exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life, and supplement children’s food from one to two years of age with a nutritional complex, as “Nutribebe.”


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