Bolivia Increases Biological Trade

La Paz –  The Bolivian exports in the biotrade, including native products as quinua, chestnut, palmetto, maca and others, generated $110 million in 2008, local Cambio newspaper said on Sunday.

Cambio published a report of the private Bolivian Institute of External Trade (IBCE), saying that the main markets were the United States and European Union countries.

IBCE President Pablo Antelo said Bolivia is a potential product generator in biotrade, due to its great ecological diversity.

“The exports of these products have grown at a pace of 20 percent since 2003. That is to say from $47 million that were registered that year to $110 million in 2008,” he explained.

The main entity in charge of boosting and supporting development of biotrade in Bolivia is the Friends of the Nature Foundation (FAN) that presented last week the potentialities and benefits of that activity, he said.

In 2008, 113 Bolivian companies were identified in biotrade.

In the Andean region, Ecuador stands out as the country with more sales in this sector, with $301 million in 2007, followed by Colombia, with $171 and Peru, with $128 million.


Source: Latin America Today’s news


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