March Against Drug-Trafficking in Bolivia

Saturday 26 September  2009

Oruro, Bolivia  – Members of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (SFFDT) lead Friday a march against that scourge, as part of the governmental policy to hold the sale and consumption of drugs back.

According to SFFDT director, Colonel Oscar Nina, students from public and private schools and also La Paz, El Alto and Trinidad (Beni) cities will participate in the protest.

He specified that the confrontation days against drug-trafficking will include training workshops directed intended for students, parents and teachers of educational units.

Nina underlined recently that some changes in Bolivian laws to stop micro drug-trafficking in cities are needed.

In first place, said authority, it is necessary to define sanctions regarding handling of small amounts of narcotics because in that way the capture, trial and imprisonment of retail merchants could be accomplished.

He also affirmed that a clearer definition in the use of preventive measures in the case of the Criminal Procedure Code is required because judges make a too discretionary use of the resource and let the drug-traffickers free.

Nina specified that those modifications would not consider anymore micro drug-trafficking as a trivial felony or of less relevance, despite the effects of that activity in society.

Source: Inside Costa Rica


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