Apprehension of Bolivian Prefect

La Paz, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian district attorney, Roger Velásquez, ordered Tuesday the arrest of the opposition prefect of Chusquisaca, Savina Cuéllar, for refusing to appear before the attorney general”s office in this city, accused of alleged corruption.

  According to the judicial authorities, cited Tuesday by the daily Times, the prefect rejected an attorney general’s office citation last September 25 to explain some irregularities in her contract to rebuild the stadium Patria in Sucre.

The charge was brought by the Vice minister of Fight against Corruption, Hugo Monetro, for the crime of duties failure, injurious contracts to the State and uneconomic behaviour.

In a defiant attitude, Cuellar said: “do what they do I didn’t go to La Paz to state. I’ll be waiting at home or here in the prefecture and I’ll be working; I didn’t kill anybody, come here to arrest me, I’m not afraid”.

According to Velásquez, the prefect’s defense showed before the attorney a memorial that doesn’t justify her absence.

The police are in charge to execute the detention memorandum and they will be doing it as sun as possible, emphasized the attorney.

The Chamber of Deputies Commission that investigates the case terrorism in Bolivia, established yesterday the businessman and the extreme right of the ¿Santa Cruz department financed last year the politic activities of Cuéllar, besides they took part, manoeuvred and lead the actions and electoral demands of Sucre.

According to the chief of the group, Cesar Navarro, of the governmental Movement for Socialism, the evidences show ties between Cuéllar and the paramilitary leader, the Bolivian-Croat Eduardo Rózsa, shooting down in the police operation with two of his coworkers.

Source: Prensa Latina


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