Bolivian Ancient Ritual to World Heritage

La Paz, Oct 6 (Prensa Latina) A Bolivian driving committee designs the proposal to nominate an ancient tiku”s ritual as Humanity Heritage, to be shown before the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

  According to the General Direction of Cultural Heritage, cited Tuesday by the daily Change, the administrative group is conformed by social organizations, the Civic Committee and the city hall of Mancha (Potosí) from the ceremonial ritual come.

These entities will coordinate with people from Potosí to create a project will be presented before the UNESCO in 2010.

Two month ago a group of settler from Mancha came to this city to demand

to the Culture Minister the respective support in the nomination of the ritual before the UN specializing organism to be named Humanity Heritage. The Tinku is not a dance like people think. It is a clash of liturgical character that be realized by population of northern Potosí.

According to researches the tinku term means “meeting”, (from the Quechua word tinkuy, to meet).

In the last years, the ancient expression suffered twisting when it was presented as a folkloric dance that suddenly became popular, especially in the cities, and each time it go far away of its own origin and means.

The anthropologist Freddy Maidana of the Bolivian Ethnography and Folklore Museum (Musef) explains tinku is making with to search the balance between communities of Potosí.

The experts also confirm the ritual is making not only in Quechua population of Potosí, also in aymaras communities in the altiplano.

The tinku is celebrated each year in May, at the same time that the festivities of the Cross in those regions.

Source: Prensa Latina


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