Bolivia grants China Telephone Coverage Project

La Paz, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivia National Telecommunications Company (ENTEL) awarded the Territory with Complete Coverage (TCT) project to the Huawei Chinese company, one of the most important worldwide, for 120 million dollars.

  As the Cambio newspaper emphasized, the plan will provide 12,000 rural localities and about 1.5 million inhabitants with Internet and cell phones.

The TCT, the biggest project of the Bolivian state company was submitted in August by President Evo Morales and ENTEL executive leadership.

It is expected the territories of Pando, Tarija and Oruro will be declared areas with total coverage by December and by 2010 this will be extended to the 327 municipalities of the Andean nation.

According to Entel president Leonardo Bascope, since nationalization of the entity on May 2008 that was operating under Italian capital, the absence of investments in the rural sector was reverted.

The country is immerse in a big change and our company wants to play the leading role in this change with the democratization of telecommunications, emphasized Bascope.

Source: Prensa Latina


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