Evo-allied Group Opens Election Campaign

La Paz, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) Without Fear Movement (MSM), the main political ally of the ruling Movement towards Socialism (MAS), on Friday readies Evo Morales’ proclamation act for his re-election in December.

  In views of the general elections on December 6, MSM leader Luis Revilla affirmed La Paz is expected to have the greatest concurrence in support of Evo and also Vice President Alvaro Garcia, as part of the ticket for the 2010-2015 new administration.

Residents from El Alto and another 20 provinces have been called to attend the act at Villarroel Plaza, governmental headquarters, with Evo and Garcia likely to attend as well, he noted.

Revilla indicated that La Paz’ candidates to senators and deputies of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, the name Congress will adopt next year, will also take part in the act.

The future MAS governmental program, which advocates the country’s industrialization and continuity of social policies in health and education, among other key issues, has more support than those by the other seven political factions running for the elections.

On Thursday, President Evo Morales denounced that opposition parties in the electoral race intend to change the New Political Constitution of the State, to stop the nationalization of natural resources.

Regarding that, he called upon the people to support the new Constitution approved on January 25.

Source: Prensa Latina


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