Bolivia News Quiz

Okay readers, here is a little experiment to see which of you has been paying most attention to news events in Bolivia over the past week.

Below is a set of questions. Try your luck! We look forward to your answers in the comments section below and we will post the correct answers here next week.

1. Which leading candidate for the Presidency of Bolivia this past week declared his intention to shut down the U.S. Embassy in La Paz and convert the white granite building into a new public university for campesinos and others traditionally excluded from higher education?

2. Why were the streets of Cochabamba dirtier than usual this week?

3. What announcement was made this week with respect to debates in the upcoming Presidential election?

4. Why did the following two numbers become significant in Bolivian politics this week: 47 and 17?

5. What crisis do parts of Santa Cruz and the Altiplano share this year?

6. Why did the government of Paraguay get ticked off at the Government of Bolivia this week?

7. Who did President Morales invite to Bolivia to see the dancing of the Diablada (above) at Carnival in Oruro?


Source: The Democracy Center


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