Bolivian Police Struck Drug-Trafficking

La Paz, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (SFFDT) found out and destroyed two cultivation hectares that contained 96 tons of marijuana in the locality of Pucapilla, in the central department of Cochamba.

  According to Cambio newspaper, the finding was discovered this weekend as part of an operation that mobilized 150 policemen of the Mobile Rural Patrol Unit, two specialized groups and staff of the regional force command to combat drug trafficking.

SFFDT Director in Cochamba, lieutenant colonel Elvin Baptista explained that they got to the plantations thanks to the information of the owner of a rustic house, where 142 kilograms of marijuana that were ready to be moved to no specific place yet.

Police action also made possible the destruction of 30 mobile factories of cocaine that used the Colombian method.

According to the police report, at least two kilograms of that narcotic were produced daily.

“There were no arrests because the occupants of the mobile factories have methods to detect us when we are one thousand 500 meters away, which gives them time to escape”, underlined the police chief.

Deputy Minister of Social Defense and Controlled Substances Felipe Caceres said that Bolivia broke a record with the most recent SFFDT finding in Cochamba.

Source: Prensa Latina


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