Poll Reaffirms Popular Backing of Evo Morales

Imagen activaLa Paz, Nov 3 (Prensa Latina) A national survey on vote intention carried out by Patria Nueva radio network granted President Evo Morales 61.5 percent of popular support for upcoming general elections in December.

  At least 1,650 people from main cities and rural areas were polled, according to network director Ivan Maldonado.

Candidate Manfred Reyes Villa, from opposition Plan Progreso para Bolivia-Convergencia Nacional (PPB-CN), follows Morales in people’s preference with 5.5 percent, and Unidad Nacional (UN) candidate, businessman Samuel Doria Medina ranks third, with 1.45 percent.

According to Maldonado, it is surprising to see the high percentage of people still undecided (30.9 percent).

According to the survey, Morales’ backing was higher in departments including Potosi (80 percent), Oruro (71.3 percent), Cochabamba (66 percent), La Paz (62.4 percent) and Chuquisaca (60 percent).

He won 57 percent support in Santa Cruz and 56 percent in Tarija.

Beni (30 percent) and Pando (28 percent) were the departments with less electoral support to the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), and backing of PPB-CN and UN were even lower.

Source: Prensa Latina


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