Bolivia, China to Sign Satellite Agreement

La Paz, Nov 17 (Prensa Latina) An interministerial commission will travel to China next November 23 to discuss technical issues related to the first telecommunication satellite”s construction in that South American country, which will named Túpac Katari.

  The Science and Technology Deputy-Minister, Róger Carvajal, said the experts will meet with Gran Muralla Company’s representatives, who are in charge of that project.

In the meeting, they will also shape the satellite’s design in accordance with Bolivia’s requirements to extend that service to every region, particularly to areas, he added.

Deputy ministries’ technicians of Science and Technology, and Foreign Financing and Telecommunications will be member of the commission, stated Carvajal.

With these meeting, said he, we begin studies to the satellite construction, which will finish on Mars 2010, we sign the contract later.

Besides, Carvajal explained that technological transfer is an important aspect of cooperation with Beijing.

According to authorities, that cutting-edge technology will allow to improve its digital communication services, cell telephone system, television and internet, especially in nine departments.

He stated that Bolivia will be the fifth Latin American country with that technology, after Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.

We will have advantages on productive issues, control of climate change effects, food and financial crisis, he said.

According to the official, nature researches will also improve.

In the meantime, he stressed the investment will cost 270 to 300 million dollars.

The satellite was named Túpac Katari by President Evo Morales last August, which is a tribute to the indigenous leader and to the defense of technological sovereignty in communications field, added Carvajal.

In that time, the Head of State announced the writing of an application addressed to the International Association for Telecommunications to obtain a space orbit for their own satellite.

Last July, the president received a Chinese state space agency delegation, which advises Bolivia to reach that goal.

Source: Prensa Latina


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