Bolivian Sports Official Dismissed

Sucre, Bolivia, Nov 21 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian government dismissed Victor Barrientos from his post as Deputy Sports Minister for serious irregularities in the organization of the 16th Bolivarian Sports Games in Sucre.

  In remarks to journalists, President Evo Morales explained that the main reason for the dismissal was the transfer of rhythmic gymnastics equipment acquired by sports facilities built in Sucre, on occasion of the regional event.

According to a report read during Morales’ press conference, the order to take the equipment away of the Polygym late at night came from head of the Bolivian Gymnastics Federation (FBG), Fabricio Pinto, and it was approved by Barrientos.

“I never said that some of the equipment should be transferred to other departments,” said Morales, who also lamented Barrientos’ failing to consult government authorities before giving permission to move the equipment.

Thatâ�Ös why he decided to dismiss the deputy minister and return all the equipment to Sucre.

Morales criticized people who, taking advantage of the holding of the Bolivarian Games, commit themselves to electoral and political maneuvers.

Source: Prensa Latina


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