Bolivian Govt Offers Security for Elections

La Paz, Dic 2 (Prensa LAtina) Bolivian president Evo Morales offers on Wednesday transparency and peace for the elections next Sunday.

  He will have the support of the National Police and the Armed Forces. “Both organizations will play a constitutional role to guarantee that citizens will go to the polls with absolute security”, pointed out the Head of State during a press conference at the Government Palace.

Morales highlighted the authoritiesâ�Ö duty to protect democracy and to guarantee that electors can vote freely for their executive and legislative representatives despite the statements of some right-wing forces about a possible fraud.

“Opposition has criticized the old election pattern because it was easy to make fraud. But now using a digital transparent pattern they said the same”, he stressed.

To Morales the oppositionâ�Ös attitude is a message in advance for their defeat, because before voting they already have criteria to their defense.

Morales is confident that this time the opposition couldnâ�Öt either convince citizens.

“Bolivians do not vote for slogans, they vote with intelligence on the bases of the proposals presented by different political parties”, he said.

Source: Prensa Latina


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