Evo Morales Says He Will Speak for Indians at Copenhagen

LA PAZ – Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Saturday that he will be the voice of Indian and peasant peoples who live in direct harmony with nature at the climate change summit being held in Copenhagen.

“I am the spokesman for the indigenous and peasant peoples who live in harmony with Mother Earth,” Morales said at a press conference in the central city of Cochabamba, during which he reaffirmed that at the United Nations summit Bolivia will propose that capitalist countries pay their ecological debts.

“Capitalist countries have an exaggerated industrialism and the obligation to change their policies. If they don’t change, they will be responsible for the destruction of Mother Earth,” the Indian leader said, adding that he was convinced that this will be the century of the rights of nature.

The Bolivian president said that participants at the summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, or ALBA, to be held Sunday and Monday in Havana to celebrate the bloc’s fifth anniversary, will discuss climate change.

“We’ll be getting ready to work together, joining forces by consensus at the climate change summit,” said Morales, who plans to go to Havana Saturday night and afterwards fly to Copenhagen to take part in the meeting organized by the U.N.

The indigenous leader also said that at the ALBA summit “there will be political debate on democracy and dictatorships in Latin America.”

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune


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