Ex Opposition Candidate Allegedly Flees Bolivia

La Paz, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) Ex Bolivian presidential candidate Manfred Reyes Villa could have fled the country, Interior Minister Alfredo Rada revealed on Wednesday.

  The official told press his ministry is investigating at airports and border areas to confirm ex Cochabamba prefect’s escape.

If so, this man has become a common criminal, he asserted.

Rada warned that the people would judge who those presidential candidates that are trying to escape from justice now were.

He also said ex La Paz prefect Jose Luis Paredes, spokesman of Reyes Villa’s campaign and also accused of several embezzlement crimes, could have also fled the country.

Reyes Villa, linesman of Plan Progreso para Bolivia-Convergencia Nacional (PPB-CN) party, has been accused of fraud and buying votes in the general elections on December 6.

The denunciation was presented by Rada on December 4, two days before the lections, before the National Electoral Court (NEC).

That accusation is based on a recording of a voice that is supposedly that of the political representative in a conversation with another person.

According to the unpublished tape presented by Rada, Reyes Villa promised $150,000 to an unknown man for reporting in his favor 21 percent of the votes over the actual electoral result.

The plan consisted of a supposed change in the CNE computer data. According to the recording, such increase should be throughout the nation or at least in four of the nine Bolivian departments.

Source: Prensa Latina


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