“Alan García attacks Bolivia to divert internal problems of Peru”

The Bolivian government’s spokesman, Ivan Canelas, said this Sunday that the president of Peru, Alan García, attempts to create controversy between the two countries “as a strategy to divert attention from the internal problems which his country has, which he knows how to solve .

From Cochabamba (center), Canelas urged the Peruvian president to solve the serious problems facing his people before attacking other countries.

The statements by the government’s spokesman arise in response to attacks made this Saturday by President Garcia against the head of state of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

In an interview with Radio Programas del Peru (Peruvian Radio programs, – RPP), Garcia said that while his “friend” Hugo Chávez “Cannot intervene any longer” in the internal affairs of Peru, he “seems to have delegated that role in a government nearby” in a direct reference to the management of Evo Morales.

The president of Bolivia “Is constantly attacking Peru under the command of the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez,” said the Peruvian head of state.

Canelas accused Alan García of receiving instructions from his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, to trigger the repression of indigenous sectors fighting for their claims, “that could be qualified as crimes against humanity” and “to give the natural resources to transnational companies”.

He said the Peruvian president is the faithful representative of neoliberal policies that still, though on a smaller scale, are practiced by some Latin American countries against the interests of their peoples that continue being mired in poverty and hunger.

These new statements from the Peruvian president come after on last Monday, December 28, he indirectly criticized the gas production policy of his Bolivian counterpart.

Statements that prompted an immediate response from the very voice of the Vice President of Bolivia, Alvaro Garcia Linera, who said “if someone has to have anguish, I guess that is the person who spoke about anguish, because time is running out and he finds a people that is slowly becoming aware and rejects privatization policies”.

The political differences between the two presidents, have caused friction between the governments in recent months.

Among the discrepancies they have maintained, are those of the commercial type, of integration, by cultural patrimony and diplomatic. The latter by the granting of political asylum in Peru to Bolivian fugitives, including the former presidential candidate, Manfred Reyes Villa, who used Peru as a catapult to escape to the United States. 

Source: RNV


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