Bolivia Announces Strong Battle Against Corruption

La Paz, Jan 5 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian vice president, Alvaro Garcia, informed that the government would spur an implacable battle against corruption, including jail terms for those who waste State assets for personal benefit.

  :The direction of the Executive will not waver to send to trial all those who want to get rich through the money that belongs to the people,” Garcia told the press.

For the vice president, the battle against corruption is a subject of principles and values that should be rescued by the Bolivians to avoid repetition of events that occurred during the previous neo liberal administrations.

He pointed out that corruption is the use of public resources for private gains and is generated by several factors that include mechanisms of social rise or attempting to control public and political power.

To confront these crimes, Garcia emphasized, it is necessary to approve laws that defend national interests and values.

He further added that if prompt measures were not taken the style of neo liberal governments would continue the power to wealth and later be elected parliamentarians to cover with a cloak of impunity that protects them from investigations.

“Although the government has a ministry of Institutional Transparency and Battle against Corruption that has accused officials of different levels none has come to fruition because they were handed over to the Public ministry where they were buried,” the vice president lamented.

He noted that these charges should be accompanied by preventive punishments and that the Judicial Power fulfills its function granted by the Constitution.

According to Garcia, when the Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz law against corruptions is enforced, there will be a frontal battle against this crime.

Source: Prensa Latina


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