LA PAZ, Jan 13 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) – Bolivia will set up two stations to control the Tupac Katari satellite, the first one will be placed in La Guardia, Santa Cruz and the second in Tiahuanaco.

According to Cambio daily newspaper, about 40 technicians from the Great Wall company in China are now here to advise on the work.

The team is talking with deputy ministers of Defense, Science and Technology and Telecommunications’ representatives in order to progress on the satellite project.

According to the Telecommunications deputy minister, Roy Mendez the talks aim to evaluate the technical issues like “terrestrial stations of tele-control, data transmission and satellite control”.

On Fri Jan 16, the Chinese team will visit Tiahuanaco, where the second station could be located, Mendez said.

The delegation will also analyse aspects about the business agreement to build the Tupac Katari that it is supposed to be sign next March in China.

China will build the communication satellite of the third aerospace generation DFH-4 model and put it into orbit 22369 mile over the earth’s surface, with a cost of US$300 million and a useful life of about 15 years.

The International Telecommunication Union (UIT) backs the project that will permit to reduce the digital gap and will make the access to a mobile telephone system, internet, radio and television for the historically marginalised sector possible. —



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