Bolivia: Justice Calls Governor Candidate for Extortion

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La Paz, Jan 13 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian district attorney Felix Peralta called on Wednesday John Cava, governor candidate of Chuquisaca department and civic leader, to declare at the Public Ministry in this city due to a denounced of alleged extortion.

  Peralta confirmed, in statements to Erbol radio station, that he is investigating the accusation against Cava for extorting money from Alfa Suramericana Construction Company, which was denounced by Bolivian Road Administration (ABC).

The ABC denounced Cava for crimes related to extortion and illegitimate advantages in the contract that was signed by the National Road Service and the Alfa Suramericana Company.

The amount of money for that agreement was modified from $200 000 to $900 000 due to pressures of civic demonstrations in some provinces of Chuquisaca department that were headed by the accused.

The opposition candidate is also involved in the ill treatments to peasants in Sucre on May 2008.

On May 24 2008, 18 farm workers, who support the Executive, were held hostages by extremists and were taken to the main square of that city, which is the constitutional capital, to remove their clothes and make them repeat words that were racist and against President Evo Morales.

Some authorities of the so-called Interagency Committee of Sucre are involved in the event along with Cava as the current opposition Prefect of Chuquisaca Savina Cuellar.

Source: Prensa Latina


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