Red Alert in Flood-Hit Bolivian Amazonia

La Paz, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia’s National Naval Hydrography Service (SNHN) confirmed that a red alert has been issued near rivers of the Amazonia which have Bursa their banks in the wake of heavy rain in this area and high areas.

  According to the chief of this monitoring unit, Capt. Jorge Espinosa, this situation is present in Ichilo River of Puerto Villarroel sector, and all the high areas of the basin, mainly in rivers Sajta, Chapare, Chimore and their minor affluents.

Espinosa explained that in Puerto Villarroel municipality, in Cochabamba department, the water level exceeded 0.98 feet in different communities, that’s why it was necessary to evacuate nearby residents.

Beni, Ibare and Mamore rivers are also near to be declared on red alert, as their water level tends to increase in the area of Cachuela Esperanza, Puerto SIles and Guayaramerin.

Head of Risk Area of the Cochabamba prefecture Fernando Fernandez said that at least 7,080 families been victims of floods and flooding of Ichilo River in Villa Tunari, San Alberto, Puerto Villarroel and Entre Rios municipalities so far, and a departmental emergency has not been ruled out.

Meanwhile, the Civil Defense Department said floods are expected to hit 73 municipalities and 103,998 families due to El Nino climate phenomenon and heavy rain.

Source: Prensa Latina


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