Bolivia: He Who Escapes, Proves his Crimes

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La Paz, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President, Evo Morales, said Monday that if a person prefers to escape and doesnâ�Öt defend himself before the justice to face crimes, it makes them confessed delinquents.

  So, the head of State talked about the ex mayor from Cochabamba and ex presidential candidate by the Progress Plan to Bolivia (PPB), Manfred Reyes, who last December escaped to the United States trough Peru.

Morales said that Reyes had a judicial support meanwhile he supported oneself of a series of judicial process, principally by the illegal use of states resources.

“If a person has anything against him self, he must donâ�Öt be afraid, his obligation is to prove his innocence and donâ�Öt escape”, said also Morales.

The president also remembered that in the past, in his stage as labour union leader, he was accused of many crimes like drug trafficking, murder and also conspiracy, that “I proved it was false, without escaped of my country”.

He also stressed that in 1990 he was informed about a monitoring of his activities by agents of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Last week Reyes declared to the Miami Herald diary, that he leaved Bolivia because the president ordered his arrest.

Because of that the Minister of Defence, Walker San Miguel, said that the ex presidential candidate pretends to be a victim and hide his attitude of resistance to obey the law.

“The Reyes declarations â��are a direct confession of his criminal attitude, he escaped from the Bolivian justice”, said the Minister.

According to reports of many entities, the ex mayor must respond to 11 criminal charges, three of them with specific process, by used state property and failure to comply with duties.

After the general elections last December, the ex authority decided donâ�Öt appear in public by fair to his arrest and he declared him self politic pursuer.

Source: Prensa Latina


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