Bolivia: Regional Election Campaign Begins

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La Paz, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) The electoral campaign of parties and citizen groups for regional elections on April 4 will begin officially on Monday in Bolivia.

  According to the National Electoral Court (CNE), the propaganda by the political fronts that will dispute 337 mayoralties and nine provincial governments of the South American country will conclude on Thursday, April 1.

The campaign period is oriented to candidate promotion, diffusion and explanation of government programs, as well as the colours, symbols and acronyms of the parties that are not broadcast by mass media.

Electoral propaganda also includes television, radio and newspaper advertisements, oriented to induce people to vote for a candidate, political party, citizen group, indigenous people or alliance.

CNE President Antonio Costas stressed the prohibition of including the use of public funds, symbols, images of young people and children and presentation of public works to induce people to vote for any of the candidates in the political propaganda by the fronts.

Costa also stated that the candidates should not fall into uttering or publishing insults.

In the municipal and departmental government elections on Sunday, April 4, people will vote for 4,620 new authorities among post holders and deputies.

Source: Prensa Latina


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