Bolivia Decries US Intelligence Report

LA PAZ – Authorities of Bolivia’s legislative and executive powers rejected on Friday a US intelligence report mentioning the South American nation as one of the countries threatening stability in Latin America.

According to ruling Movement towards Socialism (MAS) Senator Isaac Avalos, this assertion is yet another act of interference in Bolivia’s internal affairs.

Avalos described the report as far from reality, as other nations that allegedly threaten the region are more supportive than any other ever, in a clear reference to Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

New Deputy Interior Minister Gustavo Torrico said that in 2009, Bolivia registered significant achievements in the war against drug trafficking, without the presence of US elite units or advisors, who used to be devoted to plot against the Executive.

On Thursday, President Evo Morales accused the Barack Obama administration of changing policies in order to regain power in some countries in Latin America.

“It is no longer by means of coups, but they rather seek internal confrontation, trying to weaken any process of comprehensive transformation in Latin America,” stressed Morales.

Source: In side Costa Rica


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