Bolivia Senate on Anti-corruption Law

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La Paz, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) This week is decisive for a Bolivian anti-corruption law that is being analyzed in the Senate and is called Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, honoring the Bolivian Socialist Party founder.

  The vice president of the country and president of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, Alvaro Garcia, explained that once approved, the regulation would try, with equal severity, those who have taken advantage of the State’s resources, are currently doing so, or dare to do it in the future.

In statements on Sunday to stae-run Radio Patria Nueva-Bolivia TV network, Garcia said the law would put an end to the idea that the government is a factory of new rich people, and will severely punish those who dare to divert public funds in their personal interest.

“This law defends the State and society. It is very strong and drastic, but that is the only way to show a sign to change people’s mentality and behaviour,” he sustained.

The regulation establishes procedures to prevent, investigate, try and punish corruption acts by public servants, as well as to recover the State’s heritage through the relevant jurisdictional authorities.

Besides, the law does not accept immunity or any kind of privilege, and it will be applied retroactively.

The person who robs the State must be considered a criminal and thus punished, no matter the political affiliation, Garcia stressed.

The Bolivian Senate will also analyze this week a temporary law on election of judicial authorities, he said.

Source: Prensa Latina


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