Bolivia Creates Agency for Future Satellite

La Paz, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian government created a space agency today aimed to operate a communications satellite that will be financed and put into orbit by China.

  According to official sources, the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE) is authorized to develop other satellite projects dedicated to support programs of production, education, health and meteorological surveillance.

According to Public Works Minister, Walter Delgadillo, the satellite project is part of the administration strategy of President Evo Morales for another term of office 2010-2015.

China has committed itself to finance up to 300 million dollars, build and launch the first Bolivian communications satellite, as part of an agreement signed in 2009.

The agency, which will operate initially in La Paz, will promote technological transfer, human resource training and the implementation of satellite communication programs in education, defense, medicine, and detection of climatic phenomena.

El The initial budget for the new institution will be a million dollars and will be supported with resources from the Bolivian state and foreign donations and credits.

Boliviaâ�Ös President Evo Morales, plans to travel to China in the second two weeks of March to sign the contract to build the satellite with the objective that in 36 months it can be put into orbit, according to an announcement from last January.

Technical committees of China and Bolivia met in January in La Paz and Santa Cruz to evaluate the infrastructure of the country in telecommunications and advanced in the design of the satelliteTupac Katari, an indigenous leader who rebelled against the Spanish colony in the 18th century .

Source: Prensa Latina


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