Bolivian Deputies Approve Judicial System Law

La Paz, Feb 9 (Prensa Latina) After Intense discussions with the House of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia (MPs) approved on Tuesday a temporary law for the appointment of judicial authorities.

  The regulation, known as the Short Law was backed up by more than two thirds of the parliamentary body (130 members)

With the adoption of that law, President Evo Morales has the prerogative to appoint interim judicial authorities in leadless charges in the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and the Judicial Council of Bolivia.

The measure also will prevent the accumulation of cases in the courts by the number of vacancies.

The deputy of the governing Movement for Socialism (MAS) Rebeca Delgado told Prensa Latina the adoption of this law will fill gaps in the justice and avoid further delays of processes.

Delgado noted the law project approved widely meets the requirements of the Constitution of the State for implementation.

She stated it is a national need to approve a law that allows giving continuity to the work of the judiciary.

The Bolivia Transition Project also sets for December 5 the elections for universal suffrage of judges in the three judicial organs, from a list approve by the Plurinational Legislature Assembly.

The Council only has 1 of the six members, the Supreme Court is lacking of five or six judges explained Garcia on that rule that has been criticized by the opposition who fears is a new political persecution tool.

In Bolivia there is a need to solve more than 5.000 cases delayed in the Constitutional Court and a thousand other cases in the Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court.

Source: Prensa Latina


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