President Evo Morales for A US-Free OAS

MEXICO –  Bolivian President Evo Morales said his proposal to the Unity Summit in the Mayan Riviera bringing together today and tomorrow Latin American and Caribbean leaders is clear: “a new US-free OAS.”

Morales, who is one of the 25 Heads of State and Government attending the regional meet, said however that a US-free Organization of American States depends on the other presidents as well.

“Achieving unity among the governments in the area is a whole process that will take years, and we are barely beginning; this is just the second Latin American and Caribbean Summit after the first meeting by initiative of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Commenting on the reason of his call to think on the US negative influence over the region, he recalled the history of blackmails, excesive controls, conditions and military coups, and “none of this is good for a better Latin America”, he insisted.

There’s a growing feeling among the people of getting rid of slanted democracies, those that continue looting the natural resources and privatizing basic services during decades of neoliberalism, stressed the Bolivian leader.

US President Barack Obama said there were neither big nor small partners and wished to work with Latin America, but what change was the way of applying the same old policies, added Morales.

That new way rests also on old formulas of igniting domestic conflicts and dividing the countries while building new military bases in Colombia, Panama and Peru that are a provocation to Latin America, Morales asserted.

The people and the governments must then unite under feelings of anti-imperialism, independence and sovereignty, “though I do not think we can achieve it tomorrow.”

“Still, unity in Latin America and the Caribbean “is a one-way process and will stand out as a great victory of the people”, he stressed.

The US government, he concluded, has no morale to talk about human rights when it keeps the blockade against Cuba which is in itself the worst of violations.

Source: Inside Costa Rica


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