Bolivia: Jailed Businessman Linked to Terrorism

La Paz, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian justice determined to send to Palmasola jail, in Santa Cruz, to Manager of the private Telecommunications Cooperative of Santa Cruz (COTAS) Hugo Vazquez due to his links with a case of terrorism.

  According to Judge Margot Perez, the businessman had links with the extremist group that was neutralized in April 2009 and headed by Bolivian-Croatian Eduardo Rozsa Flores, who died during the police action.

District Attorney Marcelo Soza, who is charge of the case of the paramilitary group with separatist plans, pointed that the detention of Vazquez was determined because there were elements that made probable his criminal responsibility.

“Hugo Vazquez was in charge of contributing to buy communication equipments at Cotas for Rozsa Flores group”, he explained.

In addition, it was detected that Vazquez held a fluent communication with the leader of the group of mercenaries since his phone number was found in both cell phones of Rozsa.

Rozsa Flores group was hatching to start up a civil war in Santa Cruz and separate it from Bolivia, according to the investigations.

According to Soza, Vazquez contributed to buy high-frequency equipments for military repulsion for $60,000.

On April 16, 2009, Rozsa Flores was gunned down along with the mercenaries Hungarian-Croatian Magyarosi Arpád and Irish Michael Martin Dwyer.

Source: Prensa Latina


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