COCHABAMBA, March 14 (NNN-Prensa Latina): Bolivian President Evo Morales has condemned the media campaign orchestrated by Washington against Cuba, following the death of a counter-revolutionary.

Speaking to the media after a meeting with his Uruguayan counter part, Jose Mujica, here, Morales said there was evidence to show that the counter-revolutionary was a five-time offender.

He said it was an internal matter and as such the international outcry, questioning the way the counter-revolutionary was treated was uncalled for.

He said the media should, in fact, question the capitalistic system and its economic policies which were the cause of death of millions of people around the world every day.

He also condemned the deaths caused by U.S. intervention in other countries and the presence of its military bases.

He said the counter revolutionary died of hunger strike but far more important was to save the world from capitalist policies.

Mujica said the Cuban people, together with his government, will find ways necessary for international society to respect Cuba and its independence and sovereignty.

Mujica also criticized industrialized countries for attempting to impose its views and judge others.

“It would be good if the rich world realizes that we are, as human beings, we afre made up of diverse and different cultures which should be respected.?

In Bolivia, representatives of the legislature and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Hector Arce, the governing Movement to Socialism (MAS), also rejected a recent resolution condemning Cuba.



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