3rd Quinoa World Congress in Bolivia

Oruro, Bolivia, Mar 16 (Prensa Latina) Latin America, Europe and Asia meet through March 19 in Potosi, Bolivia, at the 3rd World Congress of Quinua, whose rich protein and mineral content explain its growing demand.

  Experts from Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Peru, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Poland, the US and Bolivia will study 130 papers to promote the cereal says Rural Development Minister Nemecia Achacollo.

Bolivia is the top Latin American producer and exporter of the a.k.a. Andean golden grain towards the US, Europe and Asia with estimate annual productivity of 30,000 tons. Since sales of the Andean South America native grain jumped from $4.2M in 2004 to $43M in 2009 further expansion demand $50M investment.

Quinua or quinoa (chenopodium quinoa wild) is rated as a natural, economic source of protein, grease, sugar, iron, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, amino acids and lysine, and generates 300cal/100gr.

So, it values match and may even surpass milk and its byproducts, egg, meat or a suitable winter vegetable stew.

Source: Prensa Latina


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