Bolivia to Invest Nearly $125 Million in Power Projects

LA PAZ – President Evo Morales’s administration plans to invest $124.7 million this year in projects that will expand electricity generation and supply the domestic market, Energy Minister Luis Fernando Vincenti said.

The projects are included in the Energy Ministry’s operating plan for 2010, Vincenti said.

Among the projects whose development is slated to begin this year are six hydroelectric power plants located in the northern section of La Paz province, in the eastern province of Santa Cruz, in the central province of Cochabamba and in the northern province of Pando.

Officials, moreover, expect to start construction of three thermoelectric power plants located in La Paz and in the southern provinces of Tarija and Chuquisaca.

Funds appropriated for this year will also finance the geothermal project in Laguna Colorada, located in the Andean province of Potosi, and a biomass plant in Santa Cruz.

The government is giving priority to a wind-energy pilot project in the highlands of La Paz that will require investment of $2.3 million, Vincenti said.

Bolivia still plans to export electricity to markets in neighboring countries once its own domestic power needs are met, the energy minister said. EFE

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune


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