Son of Ex Bolivian Prefect Detained

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La Paz, Mar 19 (Prensa Latina) Svonko Matkovic, homonymous son of a former prefect in the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz, woke up at a jail on Friday, after being detained on March 18 due to terrorist links. Attorney Marcelo Soza ordered Matkovic’s preventive detention for alleged links with Bolivian-Croatian Eduardo Rozsa, leader of a paramilitary group.

“We have determined his apprehension because we verified he had direct communication with Rozsa, after finding in his cell phone the calls he did,” Soza stated.

The lawyer said that after revising the list of phone calls, the most important thing we found was that the son of the former Santa Cruz rightwing prefect had several talks with Hector Laguna, Rozsa’s direct operator.

Matkovic’s calls to Rozsa on April 13-16, 2009, when the mercenary was ambushed and shot dead along with two of his collaborators in a police operation at Las Americas Hotel in Santa Cruz, was especially noticed.

After the dismantling of the terrorist cell in April 2009, investigations continue and several Santa Cruz business people who supported the paramilitary group have been detained since then.

Source: Prensa Latina


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