Local service group makes their way south to help Bolivians

A local service group is headed to Bolivia on Tuesday with goals in place to implement a clean water project.

Reporter: Amelia Cerling
Email Address: Amelia.Cerling@weau.com

A local group of Rotary International members out of Chippewa Falls are preparing for a 10 day mission to Bolivia to help locals there implement a clean water project.

Dr. David Crane has made 26 trips to Bolivia in the last 20 years.

His mission in the poorest nation in South America is sweeping, and his help has ranged from setting up dental clinics to introducing better health practices and increasing literacy levels.

“The people there have a vested interest in the project, they’re involved from the get-go, it’s a project they want,” Crane says.

Most of the work is done in the city of Cochabamba; a place the doctor says has made a huge impact on his life. “When you can do a project, when you can do something that changes somebody’s life, makes life better for them, it changes your life,” he says.

An experience that first-timer Cathy Statz who works with low-income rural farmers, is excited about embarking on, “For me it’s a great opportunity to get a perspective on another part of our worlds population that doesn’t have a lot and to see the ways, by working together, people can really lift each other up,” Statz says.

Both Dr. Crane and Statz say they are looking forward to their mission in Bolivia, and helping embody the spirit of the Rotary.

“Well I think we’re all apart of the same world and as we help others, we help ourselves, as we serve others, were serving the greater good,” Statz says.

Dr. Crane says 1.2 million people in 22 countries across the globe are members of the service organization Rotary. The group leaves for Bolivia on Tuesday.

Source: WEAU.com


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