Bolivia President Rejects US Interference

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La Paz, Mar 23 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales rejected on Tuesday US questioning about the Multinational State Political Constitution and reaffirmed he would defend the dignity of all Bolivians.

  In a press conference at the Government Palace, the president condemned Barack Obama’s administration for asserting that unions in Bolivia are under attacks, and there is nothing further from the truth, he asserted.

Morales explained that it comes from that kind of guild, with which he learned to defend the demands by the social sectors that have been historically marginalized.

After stating that not even during the George W. Bush’s administration, there were observations to the current Bolivian Constitution that has been in force since February, 2009, Morales remarked that “we have fought for the unions and we are going to defend the dignity of all Bolivians.”

In his speech, the president also said his government will continue negotiating with Chile and new President Sebastian Piñera the access to the sea that was snatched from Bolivia in a war in 1879.

On March 23, Day of the Sea, in which that maritime demand is recalled, Morales asserted that those negotiations would continue, as part of an extensive 13-point agenda, but reminded that Santiago is going through painful times and a reconstruction situation, after the powerful earthquake that shook the neighboring nation on February 27.

He also called ex Bolivian Vicepresidents and other authorities to be subject to a law on trials and responsibilities and another regulation of struggle against corruption, if they are not afraid of being guilty of embezzlement of State assets during their respective administrations. Morales also referred to a meeting on Monday with private businesspeople’s representatives and reaffirmed the Executive’s willingness to encourage different national and private companies to invest in Bolivia.

The private business sector grew over 10 percent in 2009, he said.

The statesman also said that without the need for Free Trade Agreements, as those signed by Peru and Colombia with the United States, the national economy is being consolidated year by year.

He stated that the country’s positive results and prospects in foreign trade are possible, although Washington decided unilaterally in 2009 to suspend tax benefits, abolishing a law that entailed undertakings in the struggle against drug trafficking.

Source: Prensa Latina


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