Bolivia Registers More Disabled People

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La Paz, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) The Moto Mendez Solidarity Mission, sponsored by Cuba and Venezuela, will allow Bolivia to register more than 100,000 disabled people, the newspaper Cambio reported on Sunday.

  According to the daily, which quoted Cuban Ambassador to Bolivia Rafael Daussa, the study, which began in November 2009, has identified more than 12,300 disabled people, who have received wheelchairs and walking sticks.

The Cuban diplomat recalled that the study began in the towns of Plan Tres Mil (Santa Cruz), Orinoca (Oruro), and El Alto and Viacha (La Paz), but it will spread to the entire country in 2010.

Daussa noted that official statistics show 22,000 disabled people in Bolivia, but that number might exceed 100,000.

On Saturday, the mission, named after Eustaquio Moto Mendez, a patriot from Tarija who fought against the Spanish Crown, supplied technical assistance to the Air Force, as an acknowledgement of the soldiers who accompany the experts who are visiting Bolivian homes to register the disabled people.

Source: Prensa Latina


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