Bolivia won’t provide gas to the Argentine market until august


Bolivia’s government confirmed today that “had not provided more natural gas for export to the market in Argentina because they must know first the size of the energy reserves in the country, which will happen in August.”

Carlos Villegas, president of YPFB (’Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos’), told to the media that “the consultant firm Ryder Scott will give the Executive a draft report about gas reservations in April and the final report will be ready in August” .

Villegas also said that “the interim report about gas reserves, will not be made public, unlike the final report that will circulate in August.”

And added that “that data is very important because Bolivia can’t sell gas to Argentina without knowing the size of its energy reserves, which in theory, are the second largest in South America.”

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina, met last friday with Evo Morales, Bolivia’s President to sign the guarantees which ensured the volumes of gas that have to be exported from Bolivia to the neighboring country.

The two countries will build a pipeline to increase at an early stage, the gas transmission capacity of 7.7 million cubic meters per day to 13 million and with time until 27.7 million.

Villegas said of Argentina, who wants to buy more energy, that “We could not go further because it is a risk if we sell larger volumes because since 2004 we have no certification and quantification of reserves.

Source: Momento 24


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