MAS Leads Change in Bolivia

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La Paz, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) The governing Movement to Socialism (MAS) is commemorating its 15th anniversary on Sunday with stronger structures and a key role in the process of changes led by Bolivian President and party leader Evo Morales.

  In a vote-catching campaign in the region of Oruro, prior to the regional and municipal elections on April 4, Morales pointed out that Bolivia’s history cannot be written without mentioning the MAS.

He recalled that the party’s roots are the farmers, indigenous and popular movements in Bolivia.

“The MAS represents the political movement for the liberation of the Bolivian people and Latin America, and it is the biggest party in Bolivia’s entire history,” the president stressed.

Morales added that the most popular sectors complied with the announcements made by indigenous leader Tupac Katari, who said, before being murdered by the Spanish conquistadors, “I die, but I will return in millions.”

The MAS leader added that Katari’s statement has come true in Bolivia, where nearly three million people voted for change and reelected him in the December 2009 elections.

He explained that like the indigenous people who fought for Bolivia’s independence from the Spanish colony, the people do the same today against the empires that are trying to impose their hegemony on Latin America.

Morales noted that since January 2006, the MAS has led major transformations, including the recuperation of natural resources and basic services, which are basic human rights.

On April 4, 2,502 officials will be elected, including governors, mayors, council people and assembly members.

Source: Prensa Latina


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