Bolivia, China Sign Satellite Launching Agreement

by Staff Writers
La Paz, Bolivia (XNA) Apr 06, 2010
The Bolivian government and a Chinese corporation on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding on helping Bolivia launch communications satellite “Tupac Katari.”

The agreement was signed by Executive Director of the Bolivian Space Agency Willy Herbas and Yin Liming, president of the Great Wall Industries Corporation (GWIC) which is authorized by the Chinese government to produce and launch satellites.

Bolivian President Evo Morales and Chinese Ambassador Qu Shengwu as well as many other senior Bolivian officials and GWIC technicians attended the signing ceremony.

President Morales thanked the Chinese government as well as Chinese technicians and businessmen for making possible the 300-million-U.S.-dollar project.

With the launch of a communications satellite to the orbit, “Bolivia has begun to take big steps toward the space,” Morales said.

“The services of the satellite will contribute to the second literacy campaign involving tens of thousands of Bolivian citizens who do not have access to information and education,” he added.

At the signing ceremony, GWIC chief Yin said the signing of the agreement opens a new phase of cooperation in the field of space communications between the two countries.

According to Bolivian Public Works Minister Walter Delgadillo, the satellite has a maximum capacity of the DFH-4 model that will enable it to cover not only Bolivia but also the whole Latin America.

He said there will be two earth receiving stations located on the Tiwanaku Plateau in La Paz province and in La Guardia, Santa Cruz province.

When put into service in three years, the satellite will offer television and communication services as well as support projects of education, health care and other social services.

“In three years, Bolivia will be a satellite country with the pride of the nation and Latin America,” Delgadillo said.

In 2008, China helped Venezuela launch the first Venezuelan satellite “Simon Bolivar.”

Source: Xinhua


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