Bolivia Makes History in Regional Elections

Imagen de muestra

La Paz, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian people woke up on Monday with the responsibility that have made history after completing departmental and municipal elections with discipline and high concurrence.

  These elections, keys to grant new competitions to the legislative power of nine departments, were another victory for the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), as President Evo Morales stated.

The MAS made progresses in people’s acceptance, and its leadership strengthened from three departments in 2004 to six this year: La Paz, Oruro (southwest), Cochabamba (center), Potosi (south), Chuquisaca (southeast) and Pando (northeast), the statesman said.

Morales also stated that in spite of losing in the autonomous regions of Beni (northeast), Santa Cruz (east) and Tarija (south), the number of militant councilors from the Government’s party increased in those territories.

In case of mayors’ offices from the municipal capitals, the MAS also reached majority in the city of El Alto, in Cochabamba, and for a first time won that post in Cobija, capital of Pando.

Judging by what happened in previous years, in those territories in which opposition won, people should wait longer for the implementation of projects, due to differences in new authorities with the Executive.

That has happened since Morales’ inauguration to presidency in January 2006, because initiatives launched by his administration have shocked with sectarian interests from several local leaders.

The statesman called all winners, governing parties and oppositions to work for the good of people and leave aside political differences.

Source: Prensa Latina


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