Bolivia to Import LPG from Peru

LA PAZ – Bolivian President Evo Morales’ government plans to import 40 tons of liquefied petroleum gas to guarantee domestic supplies of that fuel, which is used in heating appliances and vehicles, the daily El Deber reported on Friday.

The newspaper cited Hydrocarbons Minister Luis Fernando Vincenti as saying the decision was made because one of the plants at the country’s LPG refinery in central Bolivia will be shut down for maintenance.

“That’s the reason we’re bringing a stock of 40 tons of LPG from Peru, (although) with some administrative problems, because it’s the first time (the fuel) has been imported from that country and both the Bolivian customs service and that of the neighboring country had some difficulties with coordination that have already been overcome,” Vincenti said.

La Paz had suffered some LPG supply problems in recent weeks, although the situation has now been resolved, the minister said.

Despite holding the second-largest natural gas reserves in Latin America after Venezuela, Bolivia had to import 30-40 tons of LPG per day from Argentina in mid-2009 to avoid fuel shortages in the winter months.

The country also covers 50 percent of domestic demand for diesel with imports from Venezuela and began importing gasoline from Chile in 2008. EFE

Source: EFE

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