Bash to display Bolivian tradition

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonight’s inaugural Bolivian Culture Night will showcase diverse aspects of the country through dance, song, food and other performances.

Bolivian Culture Night, which begins at 7 p.m. in Meacham Auditorium, will have numerous performances representing Bolivian culture, including a live performance and guest speakers, said Diego Alvarez, publicity chairman for the event.

“Afterwards we’re going to have a complimentary dinner for everyone who attends,” he said.

Bolivian Culture Night also will have dances to show the cultural diversity from the different regions of the country, said Alejandra Arrieta, economics junior.

Alvarez said it will be exciting because no dance is similar to another because Bolivia’s regions are different.

Arrieta, who will perform in two dances and play the piano, said preparing for the event has been fun because she was able to be spend time with friends and talk about Bolivian culture and how to present it.

“We’re going to have food and have a good time,” she said.

The actual preparation for Bolivian Culture Night has taken about a month, Alvarez said. But the crew has spent 12 to 18 hours preparing each day this week, he said.

He said preparing has been a mix of excitement and stress.

“It’s been stressful,” he said. “But it’s also very exiting to know we can make this happen.”

Kevin Chesier, industrial engineering senior, said he will be one of the emcees for Bolivian Culture Night.

Among the many tasks for preparing for the event, preparing costumes is most time consuming, he said.

“Actually, a group went down to Dallas this past weekend to pick up a costume,” Chesier said.

Chesier said he studied abroad in Mexico and Spain, and after returning he wanted to spend more time among Spanish speakers. He is now an officer of the Pan-American Student Association, and said he advises attendees to Bolivian Culture Night to their eyes to a different culture.

“And see what South Americans are like, and experience a different type of food,” he said.

During previous years, some Bolivians had participated in Pan-American Culture Night, Alvarez said.

“Obviously we want to make this work because it’s the first Bolivian Culture Night,” he said.

The cost of attending the event is $5, Alvarez said.

“We’d be more than happy to receive as many people as we can fit,” he said.

Source: The Oklahoma Daily


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