Evidence Stolen in Bolivia Corruption Case

LA PAZ – Bolivian police verified the theft of money and weapons being held as evidence in a major corruption case involving state oil company YPFB.

The national police commander, Col. Oscar Nina, told Efe that the theft of around $50,000 in cash from an evidence room at the La Paz headquarters of the elite FELCN counter-narcotics unit had been confirmed “in still unestablished circumstances.”

Media accounts said the thief also took a laptop computer and two weapons used in the murder of businessman Jorge O’Connor D’Arlach, gunned down in January 2009 when, with $450,000 in his possession, he entered the house of relatives of YPFB’s then-president, Santos Ramirez.

It is presumed that O’Connor D’Arlach was going to pay YPFB executives an illegal commission to award a contract to his company. After his murder, a scandal erupted that resulted in Ramirez being fired and jailed.

FELCC director Col. Oscar Muñoz told the media that the theft of the items of evidence was discovered on Sunday when police officers were preparing to monitor the nationwide regional and municipal elections.

For his part, Nina told Efe that the investigation of the matter is far advanced and “there is already a suspect,” adding that that person, whose name has not been revealed, will be punished “with the full weight of the law.” EFE

Source: EFE


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