New Suspects of Terorism in Bolivia

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La Paz, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian Attorney General’s Office summoned for Tuesday new suspects to give evidence in the case of the terrorist network neutralized in April 2009 in the eastern Santa Cruz department. According to Attorney Marcelo Soza, who is leading the probe, former soldier Zoilo Salces, and Juan Carlos Suarez, representative of the Stockbreeder Federation in the region of Beni, should state about their links with members of the extremist gangs.

Josue Shiriqui, brother of the mayor-elect in Trinidad, capital city of Beni, and the city’s Mayor Moises Shiriqui, are expected to appear in court.

Carlos Dellien, director of Beni’s Emergency Operation Center and Hans Melgar, lawyer and brother of Alberto Melgar, former civic leader in Beni, were also called to appear in court on April 29.

The Executive confiscated a weapon and munition depot in Santa Cruz on April 12, and will investigate its relation with the paramilitary group, led by Bolivian-Croatian Eduardo Rozsa Flores, shot dead during the police operation.

According to Soza, rifles, large-bore projectiles (mauser, M16, 9 milimeters) and shotguns found last week belong to the house of Alfredo Asbun, who along with two other people were tried in the United States for armaments trafficking to Bolivia.

Soza also informed about the raid carried out at the house of Ronald Castedo, former president of the main telephone company in Santa Cruz, and a place for meetings of the “Caballeros del Oriente” lodge that he said to be related to extremists.

On April 16, 2009, a group of agents from a Bolivian police unit burst into “Las Americas” Hotel in Santa Cruz, and took a paramilitary commando group by surprise.

Along with Rozsa Flores, Irish Michael Dwyer and Hungarian-Croatian Arpad Magyarosi were killed in the police operation.

Two other members of the terrorist cell: Bolivian-Croatian Mario Tadic and Hungarian Elod Toaso were also arrested two days later and are still prisoners in La Paz.

Source: Prensa Latina


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