Bolivia OppositionTrails MAS

La Paz, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) Party of President Evo Morales won the April 4 legislative poll by majority vote in turn out weakening opposition autonomy, said the analysts.

Official reports said 2,502 governors, senators and representatives assumed office Friday at all nine Bolivian departments, bracing MAS national rule either through victories or ties and even trailing the opposition two thirds its vote are also needed to adopt key decisions like implementing programs through consensus in territories like Santa Cruz, Tarija and Beni.

In La Paz, the MAS won 30 out of 45 slots), and 11-11 MAS tie with Camino al Cambio in Tarija. In Santa Cruz, the opposition scored 12 of 28 offices.

In Beni the MAS scored 10 votes compared to Primero Beni (19) but the later needs the first to rule and in Pando the MAS won 7 while Concenso Popular party (8) yet its needs of the first to rule by consensus.

La Paz Governor Cesar Cocarico (MAS) said there will be democracy at the Department Assemblies and Municipalities as long as the authorities do not put forward political and personal interests.

While President Evo Morales also called the multinational state to work together for national well-being and without exclusions, Assembly members like Alejandro Mendoza (MAS) also called to consolidate autonomy and enhance indigenous involvement and poverty fighting, among other challenges.

Source: Prensa Latina


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