Bolivian Govt Orders Lifting Road Blockage

La Paz, May 8 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia Vice President Alvaro Garcia said that police was ordered to lift the blockage of the road linking Caranavi town and La Paz, which remained blocked for 12 days because of demands made by producers.

  This morning we gave instructions to national police to mobilize with a large contingent to lift the blockage in the Caravani area and ready the road in that region, he said.

The acting president said the operation started at about 7:30 local time with more than 700 policemen carrying supplies and medical assistance to people in need.

In a press conference at Quemado Palace, Garcia urged residents to collaborate in lifting the blockage of the road, which is affecting them and the inhabitants of neighboring localities.

We are not seeking clashes, but rather allow the lifting of the blockage to support stranded families, merchants, farmers and youngsters affected by this unjustified measure, he explained.

Garcia said the government respects the protests and reiterated the call to leaders of the blockers to reestablish negotiations and dialogue.

The Government is ready to hear their demands, but it is essential to lift the blockage; dialogue is not over, it is open and is going to be renewed, he said. The Caranavi producers have blocked the road leading to La Paz for nearly two weeks demanding the installation of a citric-processing plant there.

The Evo Morales Administration reiterated that it counts on the project and necessary resources for the plant, but hopes that all farmer federations reach consensus on the exact place for it to be located.

Source: Prensa Latina


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