Nationalization Marks Bolivian Week

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La Paz, May 8 (Prensa Latina) Nationalization of power companies and its repercusions marked the week in Bolivia.

  A week ago, President Evo Morales nationalized several power generating plants in the Cochabamba department (central), as the best possible homage to the workers in their International Day.

Stockholders and governments affected have reacted favourably, recognizing the right of the Bolivian State to control basic services, and only showed concern for getting adequate compensation.

Different authorities of Bolivia have reiterated through the week that all stockholders will get a fair compensation in line with the financial situation prevailing in each business.

The most important of these events is that now the State controls 80 percent of the country’s power generation, as part of its purpose to start exporting energy in the mid-term future.

In the last seven days the Bolivian legislators continued working on several key bills to fully apply the new Political Constitution of the State, including the Bill on the Attorney General’s Office, the one on the Judicial Body and that of the Electoral Body.

The week was also marked by the blockage of the Caravani-La Paz road by residents demanding the installation there of a citric-processing plant.

According to media reports, three people lost their lives for lack of medical care, so nearby residents demand the construction of another road of access to the government headquarters.

The road blockage has left at least 50 trucks stranded, besides affecting thousands of people and members of gold-mining cooperatives, who are unable to go to work.

Representatives of producers in the area say to have lost at least $300,000 due to the paralyzation of exports to Peru and Chile.

In view of t his situation, the government ordered to lift the blockade to the road and sent police officers to clear the way.

Another significant event was the worker strike staged on Tuesday, partially followed countrywide, in protest for a 5-percent salary hike proposed by the government.

In the last few days, State, union and business representatives have agreed that increasing the amount at the moment would represent compromising the economic future of the country.

Finally, the new authorities elected in the polls of April 4 received their credentials on Friday, in a process scheduled to end late this month, when governors and mayors will assume their posts.

Source: Prensa Latina


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