Bolivia: Bonn Climate Change Summit Fails

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19La Paz, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia considers as a failure the latest UN summit on climate change held in Bonn, Germany, reported “Cambio” newspaper on Saturday.

  The newspaper reproduces the statement of Bolivian ambassador to the UN Pablo Solón, who said that in this summit rich and poor countries did not reach an agreement to detain the global warming.

Solón pointed out that in this meeting the participants did not take into account the progress of Copenhagen Summit nor the conclusions of the People’s World Conference on Climate Change held in Cochabamba last April.

The ambassador said that Bolivia’s proposal of reducing the global warming in a 50 percent by 2017 was not included.

He also said the draft presented at the end of the summit is a partial and out of balance document which makes a progress in a consensus difficult.

Bonn Climate Change Summit tries to smooth the way for reaching in the next summit in Cancun a legal agreement that could substitute the Kyoto Protocol when finishing its first commitment period in 2012.

According to Solón, the document just reflects the vision of the developed countries and excludes the proposals of the developing countries.

This document does not refer to the possibility of extending the Kyoto Protocol to a second time period, an option defend by the developing countries.

Bolivia will also attend the second round of negotiations set for August 2-6 in Bonn.

Source: Prensa Latina


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